BlueLuna employee volunteers at New England GiveCamp 2013

GiveCamp 2013

Jason LeVan, a web developer here at BlueLuna, was nice enough to donate his time last week to a volunteer event called New England GiveCamp. This is a weekend-long event where designers and developers donate their time and abilities to charities and non-profits that need technical help. Projects can include rebranding, websites, or anything tech-related that can be completed in one weekend.

This was his third year volunteering at the weekend-long codefest, where he spent his time helping the non-profit  Tutors for All redesign their outdated website. He and his teammates worked on the web development, design, content, and coding for Tutor for All’s new WordPress site.

Jason admitted to getting almost no sleep at GiveCamp, but luckily there was plenty of coffee provided by sponsors to keep everybody going. On Saturday morning, Jason tweeted, “Thanks to @brewbetterworld for keeping me properly caffeinated this weekend at #negc2013.” He joked that he was too overdosed on caffeine to get any real sleep.

Jason initially signed up for the social aspect of the event, saying, “I first started volunteering to meet like-minded people, and it seemed like a fun time.” He’s met some great friends at GiveCamp over the years, and of course, he continues to volunteer because he believes it’s a great cause.

Jason had no hesitation when asked what his favorite part about New England GiveCamp is. “Watching the non-profits’ reactions during the presentations is really satisfying,” he said. “You can see how much they appreciate what’s done for them.”

BlueLuna is so proud of Jason’s hard work, dedication, and selflessness to volunteer at this great event. We are lucky to have him as a part of the BlueLuna team!

Check out this cool time-lapse video of New England GiveCamp, where you can really see the volunteers’ hard work (and lack of sleep!) in action.

To see the website Jason helped design and develop, go to

To learn more about New England GiveCamp, go to