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Interactions chooses BlueLuna


As a major advanced-technology provider to some of the world’s largest brands, Interactions recognizes their customer’s increasing demand for a high standard of care, accessibility, and service. In order to continue providing their customers the best, most professional care, Interactions recently engaged with BlueLuna for a rebrand, including a complete redesign and development of their website. The ultimate objective for the redesign is to develop a user friendly, effective interface that effectively showcases the unique features of their products. BlueLuna plans to develop a site that will house lots of content in a way that is both easy to read and maneuver. With a launch date set for later this year, Blueluna is excited to help Interactions continue to forge the way in their advanced field by working with them to develop an industry-leading brand identity!


New website on the way for Northeastern University

Northeastern University

We’re happy to announce that Northeastern University has chosen BlueLuna to design and develop websites for four of their colleges. The sites are slated to go live this fall. Stay tuned for updates!


new website and brand launches for SBHF

St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

BlueLuna is pleased to announce the launch of St. Boniface Haiti Foundation’s new website and brand identity. Over the past few months, we have worked with SBHF to accomplish two main goals. First, we worked to design and develop a cutting-edge, non-profit website that both attracts and engages its users. Secondly, we made sure their new brand identity best expressed SBHF’s mission and goal of bringing health care, education, and community development to the people of Haiti in a visually compelling way. We love working with local non-profits and were happy to support SBHF’s pursuit of providing global aid. For more information on SBHF be sure to visit!


BlueLuna to create new website for Unity College

Unity College

Looking to attract potential students and parents even before their initial visit to campus, Unity College realized the great potential a strong website design could provide for them. Finding themselves in need of a more unique and engaging user experience, Unity College recently hired BlueLuna to head up their redesign. Unity College is a private liberal arts school located in Unity, Maine that offers a broad base of environmental and agricultural curriculum. With the overarching goals of updating their brand and strengthening their online marketing tools, we will be designing a new, more effective website with an anticipated launch set for later this year!


new Wise website goes live

Wise Construction

BlueLuna is happy to announce the launch of Wise Construction’s new website. Wise Construction services the Greater Boston area within the healthcare, educational, biotechnology, and corporate sectors. A few of their clients include: Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Symphony Orchestra, etc. For more information on Wise Construction and to check out their new website design, be sure to visit


Mugar chooses BlueLuna for their new website

Mugar Enterprises

David G. Mugar has chosen BlueLuna to create the Mugar Enterprises flagship website! Mr. Mugar, a prominent business man and philanthropist, is the man behind Mugar Enterprises, which pursues both commercial and philanthropic endeavors. BlueLuna is so very appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a highly regarded organization!

New website on the horizon for a great charitable organization

Children’s Friend and Family Services

BlueLuna is pleased to announce that we will be redesigning and developing Children’s Friend and Family Services’ new website! Known as the Northeast’s oldest children’s charity, CFFS responds to the needs of youths and families– providing services such as counseling, mentoring, child care and juvenile court programs. We’re happy to support such a great, charitable organization like CFFS.


Contract with WPRC

Warrior Protection & Readiness Coalition (WPRC)

BlueLuna is honored to announce that we have been awarded the contract to design and develop the website for the Warrior Protection & Readiness Coalition (WPRC). WPRC was founded to create a unified voice of advocacy for the tactical and operational equipment needs of the warfighter. The WPRC’s goal is to ensure that American service members train and fight with superior gear now- and in the future. The team couldn’t be more proud to support such a worthy organization.


Learning Express Toys chooses BlueLuna

Learning Express

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been awarded the contract to create a new flagship website for Learning Express. Learning Express is the nation’s largest franchisor of specialty toy stores in the United States with over 140 stores nationwide. The team is looking forward to having some fun with this one!

Contract With the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

BlueLuna is happy to announce that we will be redesigning and developing the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute’s new website. BPSI is a membership organization providing three principal programs: professional training, scientific activities, and service to the Boston and New England community for those interested in psychoanalysis and its applications. We’re looking forward to this interesting, creative collaboration!