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BlueLuna wins a Creativity International Award

Creativity International Award

We’re happy to announce that we’ve received a Creativity International Award for our very own company website. Our site was recognized in the self-promotion category of the Media and Interactive Awards Show. Creativity International Awards is one of the longest running independent international advertising and graphic design competitions. The competition garnered over 1000 entries from around the world, including 34 countries, 3 Canadian Provinces and 32 U.S. states.


Contract with Spaulding Rehabilitation’s Motion Analysis Lab

Motion Analysis Lab

BlueLuna is proud to announce that we have been awarded the contract to assist with the creation of the new Motion Analysis Lab website. Spaulding’s Motion Analysis Laboratory combines laboratory and field assessments in order to enhance mobility in individuals with mobility-limited conditions; caused by illness, age, or trauma. Motion Analysis Lab originally came to BlueLuna seeking a simplified way for patients and researchers to access information, read publications, and display videos.


New Website for Access Italy Launches

Access Italy

BlueLuna is proud to announce the recent launch of Access Italy’s new website. Access Italy offers luxury tours of Italy, and their services have been promoted by A-listers such as Oprah and Sylvester Stallone.

Access Italy needed a sophisticated new face and a CMS that would enable them to update their ever-growing tour list. The new site offers an all-encompassing view of gorgeous Italian landscapes and invites the user to become part of the experience that is Access Italy. Along with elevating the brand to a clean and lavish height, the custom-built WordPress integration allows the client to update tours, media coverage, testimonials, and additional services as their business continues to grow.


Suffolk University Launches their New Admission website, Designed by BlueLuna

Suffolk University

We’re happy to announce that Suffolk University has launched their new BlueLuna-designed Admission website today! Suffolk University needed a fresh, new look for their Department of Admission and Financial Aid as part of their ongoing effort to rebrand the school. The challenge presented was to inject Suffolk’s “out of date and stuffy” online presence with a fun and energetic personality that more closely reflects the school’s atmosphere and student body. The new design successfully carries Suffolk University’s brand into a unique and modern realm, while maintaining the University’s prestige. You can check out the new site here:


New Website for Superior Global Transportation

Superior Global Transportation

BlueLuna is proud to announce the recent launch of SGT’s website! SGT, a provider of luxury transportation services, came to BlueLuna for help developing a brand and website that would cater to their exclusive clientele. Fine textures and large photography were utilized to create a lifestyle-oriented brand that focuses more on the experiences SGT provides rather than the actual vehicles they offer. A reservation system was integrated for customer convenience. Visit the site here:


New Graduate Studies & Continuing Education microsite for LIM College

LIM College

BlueLuna is proud to announce the recent launch of LIM’s Graduate Studies and Continuing Education microsite! This fresh, updated look incorporates design elements from the existing site while giving the MBA program a more sophisticated feel that caters to the graduate student audience. The Graduate Program site was engineered to easily integrate within the framework of the LIM College main site, providing a user-friendly way to navigate between both sites.


Contract with Photizo Group

Photizo Group

BlueLuna is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the design and development of a custom web application and multi-site network for the Photizo Group! Photizo, a boutique research and consulting firm, has been engaging in MPS projects since its very inception. Today they offer cutting-edge research, along with advanced concepts that have earned them mentions in the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and on CNN Money!

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