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Phoodeez gets a fun, welcoming new website


BlueLuna is excited to report that the new website for Phoodeez has launched! Phoodeez is a catering business that services conferences, student organizations, and other corporate events. They are dedicated to finding the best local restaurants and providing top-notch service at a great price. The Boston catering company was aiming for the new site to be eye-catching, functional, and customer focused. BlueLuna designed the website with Phoodeez clients in mind and created a great user interface that allows customers to easily place food orders and browse menu options. The website is seamless for customers to use from start to finish. Check out all that Phoodeez has to offer at www.phoodeez.com.

New website for Creative Playthings

Creative Playthings

BlueLuna is happy to announce that we will be developing and designing a website for our new client, Creative Playthings. Creative Playthings is the industry leader for safe, quality swing sets and accessories. Their superior products feature durable, non-toxic wood and their swing sets are manufactured in the USA. The objective for Creative Playthings is to have the website clearly communicate the company’s quality, service, history, and value. Our client is looking to have the new website be sophisticated, but also creative to reflect their fun products. We are very excited to have this opportunity to work with Creative Playthings!

BlueLuna selected to design website for Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management, the developers of the innovative Qt Quiet Technology sound masking system, has selected BlueLuna to develop a brand new website for their company. Cambridge Sound Management offers intelligent solutions for noise and privacy issues within the workplace. The company is looking to update their website to be more engaging for customers while remaining simple and functional.  We are up for the challenge and look forward to working with you!

New site launches for Interactions


BlueLuna is pleased to announce that the rebrand and redesign of Interaction’s website is complete, and the new site is now live! Interactions was looking for a bold and forward-thinking way of demonstrating their services and products. They also wanted to break free of the standard marketing site navigation, so BlueLuna developed a unique layout to organize the company’s website content. The site is interactive and features demos, videos, audio samples and social media buttons. The responsive web design is user friendly and makes viewing easy on all platforms, including mobile devices. To see the updated and improved site, go to www.interactions.net.

Unity College website goes live

Unity College

BlueLuna is happy to announce that the new website for Unity College has launched! Unity College came to BlueLuna seeking to update and redesign their website to be more engaging for visitors. They wanted to create a portal of information for new students, current students and faculty that was easy to navigate and represented the college’s character and values. News, events, and announcements are now conveniently located on the home page, and visitors are now able to view information on how to visit and apply to the school with one click. Unity College is also able to continually update any information using the content management system. To see the new website and learn more about Unity College, go to www.unity.edu.


New website for Cricket brand lighters goes live!

Cricket Brand Lighters

We’re happy to announce that our website for Cricket brand lighters is now live! BlueLuna created the engaging experience by building the site on a parallax scrolling platform. In addition, we utilized responsive design techniques allowing the experience to display perfectly on not only desktop computers but smartphones and tablets as well. We had a lot of fun with this one! Check it out here: www.cricketusa.net


Our Latest Website Launch for Warrior Protection

Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC)

After months of research, planning, and design, BlueLuna is happy to announce our most recent launch: the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC). Founded with the mission to create a unified voice of advocacy for warfighters’ equipment needs, WPRC approached BlueLuna with the objective of developing a website that both reflected their increased presence and allowed for a central place of unification. You can see WPRC’s new website and how they are working to ensure American service members train and fight with superior gear at www.warriorprotection.net.

AdvisorAdit site is live


BlueLuna is thrilled to announce that the new web application, AdvisorAdit, has launched! AdvisorAdit is a web application that provides a channel for financial advisors to discover relevant content from providers. After months of research and planning, the BlueLuna team created an efficient wire-frame structure to organize the application side of the site to give clients a streamlined experience while using the AdvisorAdit platform. The new interface provides a great user experience where clients can collaborate with other colleagues.

Interactions chooses BlueLuna


As a major advanced-technology provider to some of the world’s largest brands, Interactions recognizes their customer’s increasing demand for a high standard of care, accessibility, and service. In order to continue providing their customers the best, most professional care, Interactions recently engaged with BlueLuna for a rebrand, including a complete redesign and development of their website. The ultimate objective for the redesign is to develop a user friendly, effective interface that effectively showcases the unique features of their products. BlueLuna plans to develop a site that will house lots of content in a way that is both easy to read and maneuver. With a launch date set for later this year, Blueluna is excited to help Interactions continue to forge the way in their advanced field by working with them to develop an industry-leading brand identity!


New website on the way for Northeastern University

Northeastern University

We’re happy to announce that Northeastern University has chosen BlueLuna to design and develop websites for four of their colleges. The sites are slated to go live this fall. Stay tuned for updates!