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New Graduate Studies & Continuing Education microsite for LIM College

LIM College

BlueLuna is proud to announce the recent launch of LIM’s Graduate Studies and Continuing Education microsite! This fresh, updated look incorporates design elements from the existing site while giving the MBA program a more sophisticated feel that caters to the graduate student audience. The Graduate Program site was engineered to easily integrate within the framework of the LIM College main site, providing a user-friendly way to navigate between both sites.


Contract with Photizo Group

Photizo Group

BlueLuna is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the design and development of a custom web application and multi-site network for the Photizo Group! Photizo, a boutique research and consulting firm, has been engaging in MPS projects since its very inception. Today they offer cutting-edge research, along with advanced concepts that have earned them mentions in the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and on CNN Money!